I LIVE in a satellite village to Hereford and often would like to visit our city, but when I try to think where to park I have to conclude that I will go somewhere else.

Recently, I parked in the Tesco car park and inadvertently overstayed a few minutes, for which I was billed £70 Often I go to Malvern shopping village instead as the parking is free.

This is what Hereford needs to be able to bring any large number of visitors in from the villages.


There is no point in spending millions on a city centre where no one can park sensibly.

I recently had to spend £20 in Waitrose to park and the barrier machine didn’t work on my ticket – luckily, stewards helped me to get out but once again it was another reason to visit another place instead.

I am frustrated that Hereford is so tied up with a bundle of expensive and inhospitable parking. We need solutions to this before any shopping centre can flourish.



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