A HEREFORD woman has pleaded guilty to attempted murder after a victim was left with life-threatening injuries.

Samantha Smith, 55, of Waterfield Road in Hereford, pleaded guilty to a single charge of attempted murder at Worcester Crown Court on Thursday, December 1, and will be sentenced on Friday, February 24, 2023.

Smith's conviction relates to an incident in Rothesay Mead, Hereford, on Sunday, July 3, for which she was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Samantha Smith stabbed a man at a Hereford home

Samantha Smith stabbed a man at a Hereford home


Smith, who will remain on remand until her sentencing next year, armed herself with a knife and attacked a 59-year-old man, leaving him with significant injuries.

The investigating officer detective constable Emma O'Hare said: "This was a brutal attack which could have very easily have made this a murder trial. Thankfully, the victim was strong enough to work with us in preparing this case and I'm happy to report he is making a good, physical recovery.

"Domestic abuse isn't isolated to women victims. Many men are in abusive, coercive, controlling, and violent relationships and quite often, they keep their abuse to themselves.



Samantha Smith stabbed a man at a Hereford home

Samantha Smith stabbed a man at a Hereford home


"I want to reassure any victim of domestic abuse that we are here for you. Regardless of your gender, we will listen, we will investigate every report and we will support you.

"I want to thank the survivor of this horrendous ordeal for their trust in police, their courage, and their openness. My only hope is that they can now perhaps close one chapter of this book and start to rebuild their life."

West Mercia Police will act on all reports made and offer our full support to anyone who feels they are a victim of domestic abuse.

For details of what constitutes domestic abuse and for reporting any concerns to police, including contact details of our partners visit here.