POLICE have said people in Herefordshire have been faced with a "disgusting find" after poo has been thrown over parked cars.

West Mercia Police said it had been told that over the last week there have been two occasions where cat litter, animal faeces, sawdust and sand have been either thrown at or over parked cars in Brimfield, near Leominster.


The cars were parked in the Wyson Lane and Wyson Avenue area, police officer Adam Stobbart said.

He said that a traffic cone had also been thrown onto one of the resident's driveways.

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He said it was not clear why the behaviour had started, but it was "disgusting to find for anyone".

Leominster Safer Neighbourhood Team said it would be increasing patrols in the area but told all residents to be "extra vigilant".


PC Stobbart said that anyone with concerns over similar behaviour, persons in the area or information that may help the police to identify person(s) involved, should call police on 101 or email Leominster.snt@westmercia.police.uk.