HEREFORD defender Orrin Pendley claims he was racially abused and tried to confront a fan at King’s Lynn.

Pendley came on as a substitute in Hereford’s 2-1 defeat and the game was briefly stopped with minutes left on the clock while the referee dealt with the incident.

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“I’ve spoken to Orrin, he’s had some racial comments towards him, noises,” said Hereford boss Josh Gowling.

“Obviously he lost his head a little bit. I know their coaching staff here and they are really great people and it’s not a reflection on them at all.

“You come to a stadium and unfortunately there’s a couple of morons who ruin it for people. It’s not a reflection on King’s Lynn at all.

“Orrin is a really calm lad and doesn’t react to things. He’s trying to jump over the hoarding so you know something isn’t right.

Gowling was keen to stress that the racial incident wasn’t a reflection on King’s Lynn Town as a football club stating that they were ‘good people’.

“Football is a really weird place, they’ve (King’s Lynn) have got black players so you would think that they would understand things but unfortunately they don’t,” added Gowling.

“The minority sometimes let down the majority. We don’t take that as a reflection on them because they are good people here. The manager is a good person, the coaching staff are good people and they’ve got good players.

“It’s just unfortunate.”