My son is wheelchair bound and trying to push him in his wheelchair around the city centre is almost impossible.

There are so many dips and potholes and the pavements all slope making it very difficult. So much so we barely go out these days.

I would challenge any councillor to spend half an hour trying to push a wheelchair through the streets and see for themselves just how bad it is.

Often the pavements are too small and we have to resort to going on the road, which at times is dangerous and very scary. There have been several occasions I have hit a rut or pothole and he has fallen forward out of his wheelchair.

My son has me if he has a problem.


I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone trying to get round the pavements in an electric wheelchair.

Spend a couple of hours with a disabled person and see for yourself how difficult it is to navigate the streets in Hereford.

My son is only in his early 30s so imagine what he has in front of him for the next God knows how many years.

Bonita Simpson

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