I was in Hereford shopping last week and saw many businesses are up and running again after Covid despite few people being around. 

However, I was surprised to see that no money has been spent to make the low, rounded kerbs in Widemarsh Street safe for people to use without tripping over. 

Nor is there any sign of pavements with vertical kerbs being put back into High Street between the HSBC bank and Broad Street.


It is here, and in Widemarsh Street, and not so much in St Owen’s Street, where kerbs and new signal crossings should be put in. The latest government guidance says that provision for cyclists in town centres should be separated from pedestrians so everybody knows where they are.

It also says there should be fully independent disability audits carried out before any new work is paid for. 

Shouldn’t the funding for the Owen Street cycle scheme first be used to put right the main shopping areas, before starting to remove any more kerbs at new traffic humps in what is already a street with light traffic?  

Peter Monk
 Newnham, Gloucestershire

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