I am emailing you to tell you about the very professional care I received from Hereford County Hospital.

 I was staying with friends for the Remembrance weekend. Having gone to bed on Saturday evening I felt that my heart was beating very slowly and on checking it the rate was about 32bpm.

I was driven to the hospital at about 10.30pm and was triaged within 20 to 30 minutes of arriving and then admitted.


On Sunday afternoon I was moved up to the cardiac care unit and stayed there till Thursday afternoon. Throughout that time the care that I received was faultless. All the nurses and ancillary staff were very caring and at all times very professional.

On Wednesday I had a pacemaker fitted and again Dr Prasad, Dr Glancy, and the rest of the team were also very caring and professional and at all times were trying to put me at my ease.

As you can see, I live in Kent but having been so well looked after I have decided that I will come back to the hospital for my six-week check-up and also for my annual ‘MOT’.
Robert Dicketts

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