HEREFORDSHIRE will be able to have its say on a town's Boxing Day hunt as a meeting open to public debate is planned.

Ledbury Town Council recognises the Ledbury Hunt is an emotive subject, and one that every year generates passion for debate from both sides, said a spokesperson for the council.

The online petition launched by Ledbury Anti Fox Hunt, which now has more than 1,800 signatures, was aimed at Herefordshire Council's Highways department, which will decide whether to approve the Ledbury Hunt's application to have the town's High Street (the A438) closed for the traditional festive meet.

It also calls on Ledbury Town Council to put pressure on the highways department to not allow the road closure.


Ledbury Town Council said it recognises that the Ledbury Hunt is an important issue to many residents and visitors to Ledbury, whether in support of it or not, said a spokesperson.

The council debated this in a council meeting in 2022 and a decision was later taken that this item would not be placed on future agendas for debate by the council.

Some residents are concerned that not discussing the item at the next council meeting on December 1 is stifling public debate.


But the council believe it is not a suitable forum for such debate, given that council meetings are not public debate forums, but for the conducting of council business.

The council wants to encourage and promote more public debate on matters such as the hunt and other items of public interest.

It proposes to call and hold a public parish meeting on January 25, 2023, at which the Ledbury Hunt will be one of the subject matters for discussion, to which the public on both sides of the debate can have their say.