A HEREFORDSHIRE fish- and-chip shop is hoping to stand out from the crowd this Christmas by selling its own festive treats alongside its traditional fayre.

The Fish House in Moreton on Lugg, near Hereford, was opened by Zac Zachariou and Leftie Charalambous in April.

Mr Zachariou has experience in running fish-and-chip shops and has owned two in his native South Yorkshire, while Leftie is part of the family who runs the long-established Dimarcos fish restaurant in Leominster.

The pair said they are introducing a couple of special Christmas options for the run-up to the festivities during December.

The Fish House will be introducing home-made pigs-in-blankets and, for the more daring customers, a special battered mince pie is also on offer.

Hereford Times: Battered mince pies are among the treats on offerBattered mince pies are among the treats on offer (Image: Rob Davies)

Mr Zachariou said that this is something he has tried before at previous fish-and-chip shops, and that they have always gone down a storm.

He said: “We are looking to bring a bit of cheer to people’s lives this Christmas with these offerings.

“They are not exactly what you would expect from a run-of-the-mill chippy, but we don’t want to be that – we want to stand out from the crowd.


“It’s been a tough time for everyone recently and we just want to bring a bit of Christmas joy to your normal takeaway.”

He said that the new menu items will give customers an experience they did not even know they wanted.

Mr Zachariou said: “Our battered mince pies in particular are a taste you wouldn’t necessarily have thought about before but once people have tried

one, they will definitely keep coming back for more.”

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