HIGH council tax is giving a false impression to outsiders, locals in one Herefordshire town have claimed.

Ian Colewall, who spoke on behalf of his neighbours at a recent town council meeting, said council tax is at the very top of every band.

"Last year Ross-on-Wye was top on band H but this year it's Ledbury," he claimed.

"We're not rich, we need to look at this and ask what can be done.


"A lot of people are living with this idea that this is a great place to live but we need to look at this."

Councillors Tony Bradford and Ewen Sinclair agreed with Mr Colewall that this was not acceptable.

They questioned why this was the case when Ledbury has lost a lot of its services, such as the ambulance station and the fire station.

Council tax for band H properties in Ledbury is currently £4,429.86 a year.