HEREFORD'S Beefy Boys have shared a big announcement with burger fans this afternoon.

In a video shared to their Facebook page, the Hereford-based team said they will be opening a third restaurant in 2023.

The homegrown favourites have already opened a second restaurant in Shrewsbury after the runaway success of their Old Market restaurant in Hereford.

They did not reveal the location of their new venue, leaving fans guessing.

The team have already made one big change this year, setting up the Beefy Bar, in the original 'Meat Boutique' side of their Hereford restaurant.


It will be serving a range of cocktails including a two for £12 menu along with other cocktails, draft beers and mulled cider.

Born out of a back garden barbecue in 2011, the Beefy Boys started out as a pop-up restaurant and went on to claim top spot in the final round of the World Burger Championships in Las Vegas with their 'Butty Back' creation in 2014, alongside other awards.

They delighted fans when in December 2015 they opened their long-awaited restaurant at the Old Market shopping centre in Hereford.

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