A HEREFORDSHIRE foster care agency has received an outstanding rating from Ofsted after its recent inspection.

Mulberry Foster Care, in Ross-on-Wye, founded by Shaun Burnett and Andrew Robinson, has provided care for many children since the agency's formation in 2016.

Mr Burnett and Mr Robinson, both social workers for over 15 years, have created an agency with children at the forefront of every decision and of every employee and foster carer within the agency.

It covers 27 local authorities in the Midlands and across Wales.


The agency has worked in 2022 to raise awareness for its 'New Years Wish Campaign' and are delighted that this hard work has been recognised by Ofsted, said a spokesperson from Mulberry.

Having previously been rated 'Good' by Ofsted in 2018, Mulberry Foster Care were inspected in September 2022 and received 'Outstanding' in all three areas.

The report said staff celebrate children's personal achievements.

The agency has created a monthly miniature hero award where children, including birth children, receive a certificate and chocolates for their achievements.


For example, children have received awards for learning to ride their bicycle and for excelling at gymnastics. These awards help to support and develop children's sense of pride and accomplishment.

Children enjoy individual leisure interests such as spending time with friends, playing football, and attending groups, said the report.

These experiences provide the children with enjoyable opportunities to gain a sense of achievement and develop their self-esteem and confidence.

Children's participation is a key strength in the agency. Children benefit from having their views, wishes and feelings considered.

The agency continually reviews how the children can meaningfully engage, and regularly consults with the children to improve how it can respond to their needs.

Foster carers spoke highly of the support they receive. One carer described the support she receives as 'phenomenal', with another carer describing the agency as being like family, the report said.

"We have spent many years building Mulberry Foster Care and ensuring our young people and foster carers are supported and valued. It has been a great affirmation for Ofsted to acknowledge the hard work of the agency and foster carers," said Mr Burnett.

"We are very excited to continue to raise awareness and to ensure the children placed with our carers flourish."