MOUNTAIN lions are among the 'dangerous wild animals' that are being kept in Herefordshire, a freedom of information request has revealed.

Herefordshire Council received three dangerous wild animal licence applications between July 2020 and July 2022, all of which were granted.

The council said the first application received during that period was for two zebras, six ring-tailed lemurs, and two servals, while the second was for two zebras, eight ring-tailed lemurs, six servals, three mountain lions, and a lynx, and the third was for two Grant zebras, six ring-tailed lemurs, six servals, five mountain lions, and two lynx.

Mountain lion

Otherwise known as a cougar or puma, mountain lions are native to the Americas.

Tawny beige with black markings on their faces, tails, and ears, they prey on deer and smaller animals in the wild.


Lynx once roamed wild in Britain, but were hunted to extinction in much of western Europe.

Standing a little smaller than a Labrador, they have brown fur with black spots and tufts at the tips of their ears.

The cats, which hunt small prey including roe deer, rabbits, and rodents, have been reintroduced in several countries and can be found across Eurasia.



These small African cats are found across much of Africa.

Reddish-brown with black spots and white spots on their ears, these solitary cats hunt both small mammals and fish.


Native to Madagascar, lemurs are a species of small primate.

They are highly adapted to specific habitats, with their diets largely featuring fruits and insects.


These striped equines are probably one of the most widely recognised of Africa's animals.

The grazing animals live in family groups in eastern and southern Africa.

It is an offence to keep any animal listed in the schedule of the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 without a licence with the exemption of zoos, circuses and pet shops.

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