A SHOP in Herefordshire has made the "heart-wrenching" decision to shut its doors and move out of town due to "crippling" costs.

Oops a Daisy florist, which had been based in The Homend, Ledbury, for more than 25 years has now made the tough decision to leave with the cost of living crisis "not going to improve".

The business said it had been a "heart-wrenching decision" as the owner had spent more than 25 years working there, the last 12 of which at the helm.


But the business has now moved to Barnards Green in Malvern due to rising costs.

"As we all know, costs are crippling us all at the moment, both business-wise and personally and it isn't going to improve," a spokesperson for the shop said.

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"I want to keep my florist business blooming and although we may not be in the high street in Ledbury anymore, I can assure you our flowers and service will not disappear.

"We will still be covering the Ledbury area, together with keeping our telephone number, 01531 635607, or order on our website, www.ledburyflorist.co.uk.

"We will always be just a phone call away. Thank you so much to everyone for their support and love over the many, many years."

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