PLANS have been put in place for a garage on Herefordshire border town on the brink of collapsing.

A garage in Hay-on-Wye Cemetery, which is owned by Hay Town Council, is being used for the storage of grave digging equipment.

But it will soon be demolished.

After councillors inspected the garage, they felt that it is not yet collapsing but could be made safe in the short term with supports, which would allow the council to have time to sort an alternative, said minutes from a full council meeting in October.


Some consideration was given to a price increase, as a previous quote was received quite a while ago, said the minutes.

It was suggested that an allowance of 20 per cent would be made, so an extra £600 on the original quote was allowed.

It is currently unknown how much the work will cost, as it is an ongoing contract attached to the new cemetery, said a council spokesperson.


There has not been any accidents or injuries, said a spokesperson from the council.

But after further review, plans have changed.

The new shed has been commissioned for early January which will hold the grave digging equipment and then the garage in question will be demolished.