A TOWN on the Herefordshire border has been dealing damage and mess left in public toilets.

Hay-on-Wye, which was put on the map as a book town by Richard Booth, holds its annual literary festival every year.

It invites celebrities of many industries and people come from all over the world for its events.


Its castle also reopened this summer, over jubilee weekend, for the first time in its 900-year history, after a multi-million-pound refurbishment that took 11-years.

But Hay-on-Wye town council in its full council meeting in October discussed the "damage" and "mess" that had been left in its public toilets, next to the clock tower in Lion Street.

It was reported to the police, but as there were no witnesses there was nothing that could be done, said a Hay Town Council spokesperson. 

It costs 30p to use the toilets and there are now card payment machines. 

One at the town clock location and one at the Craft Centre location.

Contracts are being drawn up for regular users, said the town council minutes.

This will soon be drafted.