FISHERMEN in the Severn Estuary have made a heart-breaking discovery this week in the form of a message in a bottle.

Martin Morgan, secretary of the Black Rock Lave Net Heritage Fishery, is a regular out on the estuary and often posts to social media about his finds.

This most recent discovery, however, is not one of historical significance or environmental poignancy.


Found near the tide line at Redwick, Gwent, the message sealed inside the glass bottle is a deeply personal message of tribute to a lost loved one.

Hereford Times:

The message, written in Italian, speaks of deep loss after the author's aunt passed away.

Roughly translated into English, it says:

A very special and important person for me passed away today, my aunt.

A fantastic wife and mum who did everything for her family and everyone she knew.

She taught me to believe more in myself, she has always supported and encouraged me, always ready to make me smile even in a dark moment of my life, where nothing seemed to make sense.

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She prompted me to get up and move on. Always ready to help everyone and give wise advice.

You know I can't believe you're not there anymore I miss you so much already. How everyone will miss you. You have left an unbridgeable void in our lives.

I love you so much, now you will guide us from heaven. And even if you are no longer there, your memory will remain alive in our hearts.

Hereford Times:

Mr Morgan said that he has found messages contained in bottles before, but never one in Italian.


"The person the note is dedicated to was obviously much loved and missed," he said.

"It's a beautiful tribute.

"We will reseal this one and place it back in the estuary to continue its journey."