AN EMPTY building in Hereford will soon be turned into a school.

The building, in Moor Farm, was once used as a nursery, but independent school for children with mental health diagnoses, G.E.M, will now take it on.

Their pupils include those with autism, ADHD, ADD, and anxiety with trauma related diagnoses.

The school plans to hold 30 children, which is 10 per cent of those diagnosed in Herefordshire, with a member of staff per one to two.


Students will be from the ages of year three to GCSE. But they are looking for approval from Ofsted to go up to 18-years-old.

Currently, the building has toilets made for nursery aged children, so staff will be changing these to adult size and adding in showers.

The school's ethos is to provide a therapeutic environment, with specific rooms for relaxation. All rooms will have special lighting and each classroom will have a tipi.

It wants to help children find better ways of dealing with mental health diagnosis.

The grounds, including the car park, need developing.

This will be taken on by Herefordshire company Avara.


Staff member Debra Thomas said Brookfield School is the only option for children with a mental health diagnosis, but due to noise and sensory issues it is not suitable for them.

"We have a lot of work to do to get the building ready for our first students, and we would welcome help and support from the wider community," she said.

"We are a not-for-profit organisation with a proven track record of working with children who can't attend mainstream school and want to bring our approach to more children in the county.

"Our school will be different."

Its aims to open in the new year.