CONCERNS have been raised as drivers "take their life in their hands" when driving on a main road in Herefordshire.

The group of residents who live on the B4219 Cowleigh Road, between Storridge and Malvern, made a "passionate address" to their parish council, minutes showed, after first raising their worries 19 years ago.

The Cradley and Storridge Parish Council documents said residents raised concerns about the speed and size of traffic on the narrow and twisty road, connecting the A4103 Hereford to Worcester road with Link Top in Malvern.


The group also said the road was unsuitable for the use it gets, how bikes were not safe using the road and how exiting driveways was also unsafe.

One of their main concerns was visitors to Crumpton Hill Farm Shop having to "take their life in their hands when pulling out of the premises", minutes of September 27's meeting said.

Contractors have also refused to cut the roadside hedges on safety grounds, and residents first raised their concerns in 2003.

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The members of the public wanted to know why the speed limit couldn't be slashed from 60mph to 30mph, why there couldn't be a 7.5-tonne weight limit and why speed indicator devices couldn't be installed.

There is however a 40mph speed limit on the section of road between the A4103 and farm shop, but is then 60mph as far as Malvern.


But while the parish council said it took on board all of the residents’ concerns and would support them in every way possible, it was ultimately a Herefordshire Council highways issue.

Minutes said Green Party ward councillor Ellie Chowns should be approached, but the parish council’s highways working group would arrange to meet the residents.

It would also aim to meet Coun Chowns and officers at Herefordshire Council to "move this matter forward".