A HEREFORDSHIRE mum has provided an update on the health of her young daughter, after weeks of "sleepless nights worrying".

Sydney Burton, aged 19 weeks, was born with a porencephalic cyst.

It is a very rare disorder that affects your central nervous system, which often happens before or soon after a baby is born.

Children with this condition develop fluid-filled cavities, or cysts, on their brain.

In her short life so far Sydney has suffered multiple seizures and the cyst has doubled in size.


Sydney's mother Donna Burton said that surgery was the only option due to the pressure that the growth was putting on her brain.

She was due to have an operation in early October at Birmingham Children's Hospital but unfortunately, due to emergencies at the hospital, it didn't take place.

The family have now been told that it will be able to go ahead next Wednesday (November 9).

She has already been in hospital earlier this month after suffering another seizure and has been prescribed epilepsy medication, to try and help stop them.

Mrs Burton said that she broke down on hearing that there would be a delay.

She said: "The hospital couldn't have been more apologetic and we completely understand that these things happen and can't be helped.


"We had psyched ourselves up for the day and emotionally prepared ourselves for it to be last week and just started crying when we heard that they couldn't fit us in.

As with any major operation, there are risks involved, but Mrs Burton is just looking to get her daughter the treatment she needs.

Mrs Burton said: "We've had so many sleepless nights worrying.

"The waiting is worse; We just want to get the operation done and then we will know more about how we move forward."

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help the family try and cover the costs of practical day to day things to help care for their daughter during and after her operation.

Mrs Burton said "If you can help us in anyway at all just a small donation will go a long way for our beautiful family."

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