A HEREFORDSHIRE woman has told of a "wonderful day" after receiving her OBE from Princess Anne.

Prudence Margaret Burch, also known as Vidyamala Burch, from Ledbury, was awarded an OBE in June's honours list for the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, for services to wellbeing and pain management.

She co-founded Breathworks CIC in 2004 and is now recognised as an international leader in mindfulness-based pain management.

Breathworks helps people living with pain, illness, and stress to manage their lives.


She has recently visited Buckingham Palace to collect her award and shared pictures of the special day on social media.

Ms Burch said that it was a happy and celebratory day going to the London palace with her partner, Sona, and his two daughters Shanti and Sundari.

She said that from the moment the family arrived they were treated with the utmost courtesy and friendliness, and they soon found themselves gathering with the other recipients and their guests in the picture gallery room.

She said that when her turn came, she had a few minutes chat about her work at Breathworks and how meditation had helped her life.

Ms Burch said: "It was astonishing the level of detail the Princess had memorised about me and my work, and she was very kind.

"I have no idea how she could do that for the 60 people she was honouring on that day (Wednesday October 12).


"As the person shepherding us in said she's a real pro."

After leaving the ceremony, Ms Burch said that the family got to witness the changing of the guard from inside the grounds of Buckingham Palace.

She said: "It was amazing. Being brought up in New Zealand we only ever got to witness this kind of pomp and ceremony on the TV."