A HEREFORDSHIRE baker is having huge success on social media app TikTok, with videos being watched thousands of times.

Simon Hill, of Leominster, says he has been raising a lot of interest on the app where users watch short videos.


Mr Hill said he wanted to provide different content on his account, approaching his manager at West Street's Central Bakery about live streaming while at work.

@the_tiktok_baker daily bakes from scratch at this family run bakery in Herefordshire. In a small town called Leominster. All made from scratch. I bake live daily from 5am and 8am. 23 years of bakery experience. #thetiktokbaker #sausageroll #bakery #bakehouse #food #pastery #bake #fresh ♬ Cure for Me - AURORA

Boss Hannah Lewis was more than happy for him to do so, and in just a matter of weeks he gained thousands of new followers from all over the world.

He live streams from the bakery every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with the early morning videos showing him making fresh bread, Chelsea buns and sausage rolls, as well as other products.


On Saturday, October 21 his stream attracted a whopping 156.2k viewers – a record for Mr Hill.

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The popular town centre bakery has a selection of different bakery items for sale daily, with products being made on site.

One of Mr Hill's most popular videos on the app, watched more than 25,000 times, is of him making sausage rolls.

Other content includes him making sticky buns and Halloween treats.