A WOMAN has been left appalled at the state of dog poo bins in Hereford.

Gail Lewis found bags of dog poo piled up and overflowing in and around the bin along a footpath in Red Hill Avenue, behind the old SAS houses off Ross Road, Hereford.

It has been in this state for nearly three weeks, she said.

Ms Lewis said she contacted Herefordshire Council who sent her a link to another department.

"But I got no joy there," she said.


It has since been emptied after she posted the issue on social media for three weeks and contacting Herefordshire Council on three occasions.

"It has been really bad this year," said Ms Lewis.

She also found three bins in a row were overflowing along the lines, which run between the Courtyard and Grey Friars Bridge, she said.

"Children play there."

Herefordshire Council have been approached for a comment.