YOUR report ‘driver shows damage after deer strike’ depicts serious damage to a car. No doubt the driver could not have done anything and sadly suffered a minor injury.

Looking at this damage I assume that the stag in question did not come off too well either.

This is exactly the season of the deer “rut” when testosterone-fuelled males compete with each other in their bid to attract females. They have been doing this for rather longer than cars have been around.


This incident reminds us of the impact we have on the natural world and the enormous toll that road traffic inflicts in what we call road-kill and which we largely take for granted.

Very few such accidents get reported and it is common to see the remains of birds and mammals (and other creatures) on or beside the road. Birds of prey such as buzzards are under particular threat as they swoop low and fast in pursuit of their quarry.

While most such accidents are no doubt unavoidable some must be due to speed and/or inattention.


Most drivers will have had to brake sometimes to avoid such a collision and we should not forget that the victims may sometimes be pets and especially cats.

With the numbers of so many species in serious decline any reduction we can bring about in roadkill would be very worthwhile.



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