WORRIED neighbours have hit out at "massive" new housing developments in a Herefordshire town, which they say is leading to pressure on local services.

Ian Colewall questioned councillors at the recent Ledbury Town Council meeting on how services would cope with developments set to hit the town or those which have already been built.

The town is earmarked for 1,500 new homes, including around 900 already with planning permission and a further 600 wanted by Herefordshire Council.

Mr Colewall and his neighbours think it will lead to the sewage works being over capacity.

"Our infrastructure is starting to creek," said Mr Colewall.


He shared concerns that the town's only GP Ledbury Healthcare can't cope with the number of families that are already in the area.

"We have 10 doctors, and they are part time, with 1,400 patients per doctor," he said.

"We need better structure in that area."

Plans to build up to 625 homes in Ledbury were given the go ahead in 2021 by Bloor Homes', which wants to develop land north of the viaduct.

It was previously turned down over access concerns in December 2019, but then an appeal was granted in its favour.

The town council previously said it was extremely disappointed that the Secretary of State had found in favour of Bloor Homes and that the single access to the viaduct site was damaging.


In July Barratt Homes said it wanted to build another 49 new homes near Leadon Way in the town, and asked Herefordshire Council for permission to begin phase two.

If approved, the final phase of more than 300 homes in the town could begin.

A new local plan from Herefordshire Council, which is currently being consulted on across the county, will determine where a further 11,100 homes, in addition to those already permitted to be built, should go over the next two decades.

Ledbury could be set to see a further 600 homes under this draft local plan.

Ledbury town councillors said they would like to hold a parish council meeting but had little authority when it came to GPs.


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