A MUCH-LOVED headteacher who retired after 22 years at a Herefordshire primary school has been honoured with a special award.

Anne Phillips started at Kington Primary School in the year 2000 after headships in southwest London.

Mrs Phillips then moved to Ross-on-Wye with her two daughters, and when the position came up in Kington, she was ready for a different challenge.


She commuted the 34 miles from Ross-on-Wye to Kington from then until her retirement before the summer holiday.

She has now been handed Kington Mayor's Civic Award for 2022.

Each year, Kington Town Council invites nominations from members of the community for "local heroes" to be given a Civic Award.

Mayor Bob Widdowson said this year's award had been designed by Wayne Summers, with minutes from September 5's town council minute noting Mrs Phillips' thanks.

Speaking ahead of her retirement, she said she was drawn to the town and its people as soon as she visited.


She said: "Moving to a more rural primary school was certainly a culture shock after teaching in London, but it just felt like a really lovely school.

"As soon as I arrived, I just knew. From the very beginning, I have been supported tremendously by the whole community.

"The school is situated right in the centre of the town and it is very much the beating heart of Kington."

Mrs Phillips said she had seen generations of kids come and go from the Mill Street school, including both of her children.

She even met parents she taught who have children at the school, and even has a member of staff who she once taught.

Mrs Phillips passed on the running of the school to Emma Bretherton, who had been sharing headteacher duties for 12 months.