A HEREFORDSHIRE town struggling with anti-social behaviour that has left a homeowner concerned.

Councillor Louis Stark said at the Ross-on-Wye Town Council meeting that a resident in Metcalfe Close was worried about the increase in anti-social behaviour in the area.

"They said there has been quite an upsurge in anti-social behaviour of all sorts of types," the county councillor for the town's west ward said.

"I'm just a bit concerned that we need to get on top of it."

He asked police officers who were present at the meeting whether more focus could be put here.


The officers said there was no data in recent reports showing this was the case in, but they would target the area a bit more.

Antisocial behaviour can cover a wide range of offences including violence, harassment, vandalism and dumping rubbish.

When police touched on the alleged attempted murder in the nearby Bluebell Close last month, Coun Stark said it "could be coincidence" that the antisocial behaviour was happening alongside more serious incidents.

He told West Mercia police to "just keep an eye on it".


Kestutis Lekunas, 35, of Bluebell Close in Ross-on-Wye, was charged with murder following an incident that took place on 9.30am on Sunday, October 2.

On arrival, it was found that a man had sustained serious injuries and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Herefordshire Superintendent Edd Williams confirmed that officers will maintain a presence in Bluebell Close and the local area in the coming days to reassure residents.

Metcalfe Close is a 14-minute walk from Bluebell Close.

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