A chemist in a Herefordshire town hopes to increase convenience for its customers after installing a 24-hour prescription-dispensing machine at its shop.

The independent Westfield Walk Pharmacy in Leominster has taken delivery of the ATM type Med Point machine and have had it added to its shop front.

The British-made machines accept payments, and "give patients convenience, whilst increasing customer loyalty and freeing up pharmacists’ time", makers Med Point say.

Customers have reacted to the news of the introduction of the new service.


Richard Shakespeare called the move a 'great innovation', and Vicky Jones said that this would be a great addition for people who struggle to collect prescriptions due to work commitments during the day.

The chemist applied to Herefordshire Council to have the machine fitted back in July, and this was approved in September.

Manager Sally Rowberry said at the time: "It will mean our customers won’t be bound by our opening hours, and will avoid the build-up of traffic in front of the shop."