A Herefordshire councillor has voiced her support for an Irish MEP who voted to oppose military aid to Ukraine.

Independents for Herefordshire councillor Jennie Hewitt wrote “Love this woman!” when retweeting today (October 7) a speech to the European Parliament by Clare Daly MEP, an outspoken opponent of Western support to Ukraine following its invasion and part-annexation by Russia.

Ms Daly was one of 26 MEPs, including one other Irish MEP, to vote this week against a resolution calling for member states and other countries to “massively increase their military assistance… to allow Ukraine to regain full control over its entire internationally recognised territory and successfully defend itself against any further aggression by Russia”.

The MEP, a member of Independents 4 Change, part of The Left in the European Parliament grouping, and consistent opponent of Western support for Ukraine, said in her speech said “most people” in the parliament “seem to get off on the fact that [the war] is escalating”.

She claimed the “crudeness and cynicism of the slurs from mainstream parties” towards opponents of military aid “might have been written by [senior Nazi] Hermann Göring”, saying, “Where he led, you are following, and you should be ashamed.”

She added: “The working class of Europe have nothing to gain from this war, and everything to lose.”


In July, Ukraine’s security agency added Ms Daly to list of public figures “who promote narratives consonant with Russian propaganda”.

The list also includes former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters, whose solo concerts in Poland were cancelled last month due to his opposition to Western support for Ukraine.

Coun Hewitt later said she was commenting in a personal capacity, and had been unaware of Ms Daly’s blacklisted status.

She said the MEP’s “impassioned speech touched a nerve for me”, but added: “I am absolutely in awe of the bravery of the Ukrainian people and the solidarity with which they are protecting their country.

“I just hate war – don’t we all?”

Independents for Herefordshire leader Coun John Harrington was asked whether Coun Hewitt's view on the issue aligned with that of her party, but has not responded.

Herefordshire already has over 400 refugees from the Ukraine conflict, with more expected.