A HEREFORDSHIRE town’s Christmas lights have already been put up as workers get them up early.

Halloween has not arrived yet and Ledbury’s streets are lined with the unlit lights.

But at Ledbury’s Town Council meeting councillors said they did not know they were going to be put up.

Councillor Bradford asked why the lights had been put up so early after he was questioned by locals.

Clerk for the council Angela Price said it was a surprise for her and other councillors too.


Councillor Liz Harvey said it was likely if they weren’t put up now, they couldn’t be put up until January, which would be too late after external contractors changed personnel.

The council originally wanted them to up after Remembrance Sunday, after agreeing the lights for this year.

“Ledbury Town Council were as surprised as residents to find that some of the 2022 Christmas lights had been installed this week,” said a spokesperson.

“But due to staff changes that have occurred with the company providing the lights, this request was not passed on.”


Not all the lights have been installed, so the council has spoken with the contractors to have these installed following the erection of three new light columns in south end.

These are due to be installed by Balfour Beatty on October 13, to enable them to take the weight of vertical Christmas Lights.

The council have listened to members of the public and have made some changes to last year’s lights to hopefully improve on last year, said the spokesperson.

The lights will be switched on, on Sunday, November 27, and the council have requested a road closure from Top Cross to Bye Street for the day to allow for stall holders and performers, and to ensure the safety of those attending the event.