WHISTLEBLOWERS have raised concerns at a Herefordshire hospital where patients' belongings keep going missing.

Wye Valley NHS Trust, which runs hospitals across Herefordshire, said health and social care regulator the Care Quality Commission had received three complaints about Ross Community Hospital.

The complaints, raised at the trust's board meeting on Thursday (October 6), have been raised anonymously by staff.


The board heard that the concerns range from staffing issues, completion of nursing assessments, staff training and cases of care of individual patients.

The trust said it has provided a comprehensive response to the CQC and it is satisfied no further action is required currently.

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"We have invited the CQC to attend Ross, if they would find this helpful," meetings documents said.

"The integrated care divisional management team are implementing engagement sessions; the first of which was held last week, these were received positively."


But minutes of the trust's audit committee heard at its June meeting how patients' belongings kept being lost at the community hospital in Ross-on-Wye's Alton Street.

Non-executive director Nicola Twigg said loss of personal belongings had increased across the trust, but especially at Ross-on-Wye's hospital.

She was told by the associate chief finance officer that this concern had not been raised and the items lost were relatively small, such as watches, dentures and hearing aids.

She said all losses are investigated and wards are contacted to ensure that incidents do not happen again, minutes of the meeting showed.