HAVING recently returned from holiday we read with interest the articles “extra £1.75 million to be spent on resurfacing” (Page 2, September 8) and “town set to tackle noisy traffic” (Page 25, September 1).

We welcome the news in your report that funds are going to be made available for road resurfacing purposes in market towns and sincerely hope that while many roads in Leominster are in need of remedial work, the local council will not choose to use this money just in the centre of the town.

As residents in Porters Mill Close, our houses back onto the A44 Mill Street. We experience not only noise but vibration through our properties and have been campaigning and lobbying at the local, county, and national levels for action to be taken along this extremely busy road.

This summer there was some work undertaken and we were pleased that after months of battling with decision-makers, being passed from one individual to another, making phone calls, writing emails, and attending council meetings we were finally being listened to.


However, despite some surface work having been completed near to the Porters Mill entrance, the situation has not really improved.

In August, the traffic along Mill Street was monitored by the West Mercia Police traffic management team.

The results showed that on average 9,300 vehicles used the A44 Mill Street daily.

Ten per cent of these vehicles were registered as large/long vehicles and lorries.

The registered speed average for all vehicles was 32mph. Speed enforcement requires vehicles to be travelling at 10 per cent plus two miles per hour over the limit.

On this stretch of road, which has a limit of 30 mph, an average speed of 35 mph would need to be recorded before any speed enforcement strategies could take place.


The representative from the traffic management team explained to us that the vibration and noise levels we are experiencing 24 hours a day is a road surface issue combined with speed rather than solely speed.

Hopefully, therefore with extra funding available to the local council, the issues will soon be resolved – we won’t hold our breath though and we will continue to lobby for a speed reduction to 20mph for all vehicles entering Leominster along the A44 Mill Street between the railway crossing and the mini roundabout adjoining Bridge Street/B4361.

After this point, large vehicles naturally reduce their speed as the road becomes congested, curves and narrows through the town.





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