Herefordshire TV gardener Monty Don has delighted fans by sharing more pictures of his adorable brood of dogs on social media.

Monty brought new golden retriever puppy Ned, back to his home in Longmeadow in September.

The new arrival joined his two other dogs, Nellie, who is also a golden retriever, and Patti, a Yorkshire terrier.

The dogs often appear on screen with him as he presents his Gardeners' World programme on BBC Two on Friday evenings.


The latest picture shows Ned cuddling up to Nellie.

Monty captions the photo saying "Warm, comfy and only slightly grumpy - Nell makes a good bed."

Another picture shows the new addition making himself at home and relaxing in his dog basket.

Instagram users have commented on his latest updates on his canine companions.

@antipodeangardener on Instagram said: "Your garden pics were great but I’m loving this new dog focussed content."

@illashah3 said that Ned and Nellie look so very beautiful together.

We look forward to seeing some more updates from Monty and his increasing family!