A Herefordshire petrol station is up for sale after as “business is booming”.

Saffron’s Cross Garage, in Bodenham, is  on the market with agents Jackson Property for £2 million.

Sharon Collins and her husband Jason are retiring after a “good” 11 years.

“It has been fantastic, and business is booming but it is time for us to have the holidays we haven’t been able to have,” she said.

The petrol station has been popular recently for its honest prices.

Hereford Times: Saffron's Cross Garage, is on the A417, in Bodenham. Picture: Rob DaviesSaffron's Cross Garage, is on the A417, in Bodenham. Picture: Rob Davies (Image: Rob Davies)


Mrs Collins previously said supermarkets had been greedy keeping prices of fuel high and she wanted her customers to pay a fair amount.

But now she wants to hand over the responsibility to someone else so she and Mr Collins can relax after working 80-hour weeks.

The pair have a very good knowledge and understanding of the area after living there for several years and have passed their expertise onto developing their businesses and looking after their customer requirements.

Prior to buying the business Mr Collin used to drive and maintain HGVs while Mrs Collin was a management accountant and has always been involved in road haulage.


Now they want their loyal customers to support whoever owns it next it is time for the garage and themselves to start a new chapter, she said.

Whole Moo World, based just two miles down the road, have a milkshake machine set up next to the garage.

“This along with many other elements will stay,” she said.