Welsh Water are set to start work on a £500,000 project to help cut down on sewer flooding in a Herefordshire village.

This comes after two years of lobbying by Ewyas Harold Parish Council to the Environment Agency and Herefordshire Council on behalf of villagers worried about waste water ending up in properties during flooding.

The company will be undertaking work which they say will help remove the infiltration of ground water into the sewer network of the village.

It says by doing this, it will be able to slow down the rate that it enters the system and drastically reduce the risk of sewer flooding in the area.


At the Ewyas Harold parish council meeting on August 9, chairman Peter Jinman reported his frustration in his attempts to press the Environmental Agency, Welsh Water and Herefordshire Council.

to resolve outstanding issues affecting sewage, flooding and storm water.

He wrote a letter to the Environmental Agency highlighting the fact that work has been ongoing for over two years and no plans for resolving these issues had been forthcoming.

Coun Probert asked if the water which is discharged from the sewage treatment plant is tested as there are occasions when a foul odour is evident.


Work on this project will begin on Monday October 17, and Welsh Water say it will be completed by the end of the year.