DURING the school summer holidays, I ferried my granddaughter to the Courtyard every week to take part in the youth theatre group and she loved it,

 While there I found out from box office staff and volunteers what an amazing cultural and community facility the Courtyard has become, with live theatre, films, training sessions, reading and writing workshops, countless youth projects, and dementia activities to name just a few.

The council is seeking to support a new library and museum, which is good news for the cultural life of the county, but the Courtyard remains the jewel in the crown, with a turnover of £3m a year, which returns £15m a year to the local economy here in Herefordshire.


The council should be extremely proud of an arts centre, situated in a small rural city, which sees 330,000 people through its doors every year.


I congratulate them on the success of the Courtyard, which marks its 25th anniversary next year – a real cause for celebration across the county!




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