I WAS dismayed to see the Ofsted report on our local children’s services department which has shown deterioration and no improvement. However, I cannot say I am surprised.

Campaign groups have identified failures and still the local department deflects this back to the parents, comments such as “abuse and threatening behaviour” being aimed at them.

Accountability from this department has been sadly lacking. Even when failures are identified, and individuals named, there has been no repercussion.

Accountability also from our own MPs has not been in evidence. The MPs were quick, one more so than the other, to point the finger at this department while not acknowledging the government’s part in this.


One anticipated it to be worse by this stage. With the closure of Sure Start centres, a lack of health visitors and midwives who are crucial to the early years of children’s lives, these two MPs have shirked all responsibility.

They have forgotten the austerity cuts that closed crucial support centres, which played an important role in parenting skills, education and support services for these families who now end up being policed by our social service departments.

With the erosion of services there comes a time when it all collapses. Look around the country, it is not only our department failing.


Accountability in this plays a huge part. Accountability of the Nolan Principles by local government and accountability of funds, closures etc by national government. Our MPs have a place in this government, so it is easy to point the finger outwards.

Studies have shown that early intervention and support works and is a policy of the Department for Education, why then was it dismantled under this government?





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