THE OWNER of the oldest stall in a Hereford market has seen the price of food soar.

Ralph Lloyd, 60, is the owner of the butchers Mailes Brother, in the Butter Market.

With 40 years behind him and working with a trusty counter going on 50 years he has seen 400 stalls come and go.

But he is now noticing the price of products, especially dairy, soaring.

He also expects price of pork and the amount available to change as farmers struggle with costs, he said.


Mr Lloyd said he will change what he will sell depending on these prices and time of year.

This is a big change from the 80s and 90s when business was booming, he said.

“It won’t ever be like that again,” said Mr Lloyd.

Due to the cost-of-living crisis he believes people are more likely to go to supermarkets to find deals and cheaper meat.


Although it is usual to see a dip in footfall in September and October, he has particularly noticed it in recent months.

But he expects it will pick back up again in the run up to Christmas.

“People will always spend at Christmas,” he said.

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