A HEREFORDSHIRE skatepark will temporarily close as it undergoes major refurbishment.

Ledbury Town Council is asking those that would usually use the Recreation Ground Skatepark to avoid it for up to three weeks from Monday, September 26.

This time frame may change depending on weather conditions that could affect the work.

The car park that joins the recreation ground will also be closed to the public whilst these works are under way.

Ledbury Town Council has commissioned a company to undertake major repairs and replace some of the ramps with different arrangements so that the skatepark can be enjoyed not only by skateboarders, but also those with scooters and bicycles.


It might be that some sections of the skatepark may need to be resurfaced afterwards but we will not know the outcome of this until the existing ramps have been removed.

If this is the case, then the skatepark would need to be closed again for such works to take place.

The council said it will share this information if needed.

It would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that that car park is for users of the recreation ground only and would kindly ask that those drivers who park there for work purposes to stop parking there, said a spokesperson.


“Ledbury Town Council remains committed to ensuring that the recreation ground remains safe and tidy at all times,” said a spokesperson.

“While we have CCTV in operation, if you have any concerns over the condition of the recreation ground, please contact the deputy clerk at deputyclerk@ledburytowncouncil.gov.uk or telephone 01531 632306.”