A RECEPTIONIST at a Hereford vet adopted a baby swan into her own home after it was found on the side of a road unable to walk.

Dr Sasha Norris, of Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue, said a kind receptionist at a veterinary surgery offered to adopt the cygnet when there was talk of putting it to sleep.

She did aqua therapy making a bath for it each day in her bathroom at home.

Gradually the swan’s legs got stronger, and it learned to walk.

The vet called Herefordshire Wildlife Rescue, based in Bodenham, because it was growing and needed constant attention.


It was put under a heat lamp in a cage and fed duckling crumb and chopped grass and its aqua therapy was continued.

The baby bird made friends with a duckling, which had also been found alone, and now they live together at the centre.

At first, it didn’t like the duckling and would peck him when he tried to snuggle it.

But when the swan realised the duckling would not harm it, it accepted him, and now gets upset if it cannot see him.


During the day the pair go outside and graze in a run and at night they go inside the animal treatment room.

The baby swan loves to preen its feathers and to eat snacks of mealworms and is growing up very fast.