HAVING lived in Herefordshire over 50 years, in my early days owning a business in Church Street, I was very sad to learn of Herefordshire Council’s plans to abandon the very impressive town hall (Save town hall, August 8).

 It should be a priority to keep it for all civic functions and most importantly to keep it in full repair and good condition for its citizens. 

In the same paper, Hereford is now named fifth ugliest city in UK, with many lovely buildings being neglected. 

There is nothing to attract people to visit a once-thriving market town: its town-centre cattle market now moved, and many empty shops and unattractive streets. 


Rural residents need cars to visit the town, traffic and parking have become a nightmare in the city, so no wonder many keep well away and go to Leominster or Ludlow, anywhere but Hereford (as many of my farm holiday let guests have said in their comments). 

Herefordshire Council should concentrate its energy, money and resources on getting another bridge and bypass to remove through traffic from the centre and allow the town to revert to an attractive market town that people want to visit, meet friends and spend time enjoying instead of rushing back to a fixed payment car park ticket.


The town hall is an important fixture and needs to be maintained and used for Hereford and its county. 







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