A HEREFORDSHIRE mum has told of her son's battle with a rare heart defect and of the people that have helped him thrive.

Jack Maddock, aged 15, originally from Ledbury, and currently living in Malvern, was born with severe heart disorder Truncus arteriosus and has constant severe health and educational needs as a result.

Truncus arteriosus occurs when the blood vessel coming out of the heart in the developing baby fails to separate completely during development, leaving a connection between the aorta and pulmonary artery.

He has undergone open heart surgery three times at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, having his first surgery when he was just seven days old.


He was on oxygen every day for the first five years of his life.


Jack aged 5, in ICU at Birmingham Childrens Hospital after his third open heart surgery. Picture courtesy of the Maddock family

Jack aged 5, in ICU at Birmingham Childrens Hospital after his third open heart surgery. Picture courtesy of the Maddock family


Hereford Hospital, Acorns Hospice and Hereford Children's Community Nurses (CCN) have provided care and support to Jack through his life.

From a very young age, Jack has been very interested and excited about the post service and deliveries of mail to his home.

Jack's mum Mandy Maddock said he used to wait excitedly for hours in the hope he would see some mail "fly" through his front door, and when not at school or away from home he continues to do so.


The sight of the Royal Mail delivery person however always brings a smile to his face, often running out to the door to meet them.

Mrs Maddock said that Katie from the CCN team made enquiries with Royal Mail following a yearly review held by the school to discuss Jack’s health and educational needs.

As a result of this Jack received an invitation to visit his choice of sorting offices.

The invitation came with a photo taken especially for him of approximately 25 Royal Mail staff saying "See you soon Jack"

This was sent in a huge box of Royal Mail memorabilia including a Corgi post van, a Royal Mail clock, a uniform for Jack and lots more.

The family have recently relocated to Worcestershire and Jack will be visiting the Great Malvern sorting office today (September 15) at 8am.

Mrs Maddock wanted to thank Hereford CNN, Royal Mail, and Alderman Night special needs school in Tewkesbury personally for arranging this special day for her son.

She said: "Jack is immensely excited by the prospect of his visit."

Mrs Maddock added that Jack has thrived thanks to the care of the Hereford community nurses, Hereford hospital, Birmingham Children's Hospital, and his schools.

She said he will need further surgery before adulthood but she wants to thank the people who have got Jack to where he is today.

She said: "We would just like to thank everyone who has been involved both with this special visit and in getting Jack to this stage.

"We cannot thank them enough. The support they have given the family has been second to none."