An estate of 45 homes, 16 of them affordable, could be built near Hereford.

A new application by developer Cotswold Oak says access to the 2.3-hectare site, currently a field, would be from Breinton Lee, which gives onto the A438 King’s Acre Road opposite Hereford Garden Centre.

King’s Acre Road already features “a linear ribbon of development westwards out of the city”, its application points out.

The new estate was originally planned to have 63 homes, but this was reduced to 45 following pre-application discussions with the council.

This less dense “landscape-led” scheme “includes green infrastructure and open space sufficient to create a high-quality place in which to live”, the application says.

Of “traditional form and silhouette”, the homes would be built of “a high-quality yet simple palette of materials to reflect local building types”.


The split in sizes for the market-rate homes would be nine two-bedroom properties, 16 with three bedrooms and four with four bedrooms.

Among the otherwise indistinguishable affordable homes, two would have one bedroom, four would have two, eight would have three and two would have four bedrooms.

Comments on the planning application, numbered 222769, can be made until October 5.