A HEREFORDSHIRE couple have expressed their anger at Asda after a delivery misunderstanding left them out of pocket and borrowing money to feed the family.

Parents Clare Mountford-Jones, and Andy Jones from Leominster, have a weekly delivery from the Asda supermarket in Belmont Road, Hereford.

The couple placed an online order with the shop as normal on September 1.

Mrs Mountford-Jones said that at 12.40pm they had the normal email to say money had been taken and about products that were not available and substitutes.

At 4.35pm they had a text to say the driver would be with them between 6.33pm and 7.14pm.


Later they received another text saying that the delivery driver was early but would wait for them.

The couple were home by 6.05pm, expecting to see the van there waiting but there was nothing.

When it got to 7pm and they still had nothing they checked their account and it was showing up as delivered.

Mrs Mountford Jones has since been backwards and forwards with the Asda customer service team to work out why the families' groceries were not delivered but they were still charged £244.33.

She said: "I am shocked and disgusted by the way we have been treated.

"We have had to borrow money off a family member just so I can feed my family.

"It has left me feeling like a awful parent that I have had to ask someone else to pay for food that myself and my husband work hard to earn.

"I shouldn’t have to or be made to feel like this when we budget everything for Asda to do this then basically say tough.

"Times are hard enough without this happening."

An Asda spokesperson said: "We successfully deliver thousands of customers’ shopping each day however we've not been able to fulfil this order and we apologise for that.

We have refunded Mrs Jones and have offered her a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience caused when our driver arrived outside of her allotted time slot."