AS we are all focusing on our energy usage, could I respectfully appeal to the heads of Broadlands Primary School, Aylestone School, Herefordshire and Ludlow College and the sixth form about their wasteful use of external lighting on my doorstep here on Aylestone Hill?

 Broadlands Primary School as one example has at least a dozen external white lights on all night as well as office lighting set to come on well before dusk burning energy – yes, I did say all night. 

The trotted-out excuse is it’s for security. What on earth has security got to do with burning energy all night? 


Maybe so a burglar can see their way around? Herefordshire and Ludlow College and Hereford Sixth Form College have exterior lights on all night long, even in some classrooms. 

They have office lights burning all night. Aylestone School has a plethora of old yellow sodium lights on all night, as does Herefordshire and Ludlow College.

 This is a ridiculous nonsense and a very expensive use of taxpayers’ money. 

They each have a security detail every evening. What on earth are they lighting up the night sky for?


I respectfully suggest night lighting is turned off. We see a new sports stadium being built at Hereford Sixth Form College.

On checking the planning application, it is extraordinary how much external lighting is being used.

If this energy waste is replicated nationwide, no wonder the planet is heating up. As energy is possibly going to be rationed, I suggest someone from Herefordshire Council pulls the plug before the school budget is blown completely.

Stop the wasteful use, install solar on the roofs and get ground source heating systems into the 17 acres used as a some-time football academy.



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