Pop star Ellie Goulding has joined calls for Prime Minister Liz Truss to commit to previous promises on protecting the environment.

The Herefordshire born singer took to Twitter to react to reports on the Prime Minister’s plans to try and solve the current energy crisis.

Truss has pledged to keep to net zero emissions by 2050, but her Conservative leadership campaign promised to expand oil and gas production in the North Sea.

She has also voiced her support for fracking as well as her opposition to onshore wind and solar farms.


Ms Goulding, who grew up in Lyonshall, near Kington, said on Twitter: "Not sure why anybody would choose total destruction when we could act now to save our future, stabilise global temperatures and regenerate nature, but please Prime Minister, take this seriously."

She added that action was needed on renewable fuels to help with the current situation but wasn't hopeful that this was going to happen.

Ms Goulding said: "The signs aren't promising. The new PM has mentioned quite a few times she used to work for Shell.

"Plus, she has said that drilling for more fossil fuels is the key to solving the energy crisis.

"We should be pulling out all the stops on renewable energy now."

Outside of music, Ms Goulding is a long-standing environmental activist.

She is known for using her platform to help large audiences engage with global issues, including diversity, equality and the climate and nature crisis.

In 2017 her environmental campaigning was acknowledged by the United Nations when she was appointed as a as a Global Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme.

She is also the recipient of a UN New Voices Award from the UN Foundation.