PEOPLE living in a part of Hereford have been with out a phone and internet for nearly a month.

Joy Jones said she and her neighbours from four other homes in Queensway, College estate, in north Hereford, have been struggling after both their internet and phone lines were cut off unexpectedly.

This was 26 days ago.

Mrs Jones said she has health issues and is worried the problem may cut off her panic button if she has a fall or needs help in her home.


Mrs Jones said she was on a different broadband provider to her neighbours, but they had been to fibre company Zzoomm, who she said has carried out recent works in the area.

They also approached broadband maintenance company Openreach, which is responsible for the mains in the area and said they are aware of the problem.

A spokesperson for Openreach said: "We're really sorry for the disruption here.


"One of our cables has been badly damaged and needs replacing.

"This is a big job, which involves us digging down to uncover the cable.

"This work is taking place tomorrow, after which we'll repair the damage and get everyone reconnected as quickly as possible."