AN SAS helicopter has been filmed at Shobdon Airfield in Herefordshire, appearing to be undertaking training.

A video shared on the Aeroplane spotters TV YouTube channel showed the blue and white Dauphin helicopter, used by the SAS, carrying out an activity known as "touch-and-go" at the airfield near Leominster.

The activity is where pilots come in to land, but take off again without coming to a stop.

The six-minute video, posted on August 24, shows the helicopter, with the registration ZJ782, carrying out several circuits.

The twin-engine Dauphin helicopters, built by Airbus, have one or two pilots, and space for 11 or 12 passengers.


There are reportedly six of these Dauphin helicopters for 658 Squadron Army Air Corps, and they're based at the SAS camp in Credenhill, supporting 22nd Special Air Service (22 SAS).

The squadron is part of the Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing which brings together the Royal Air Force and the British Army's aviation to support the Special Forces.

Very little information can be found on their use by the special forces, but they have been seen responding to terrorism incidents in the UK.

Hereford Times: One of the SAS helicopters landed on London Bridge during the 2017 terror attack. Picture: PA WireOne of the SAS helicopters landed on London Bridge during the 2017 terror attack. Picture: PA Wire

One of the helicopters, all of which are painted in civilian colours of blue and white – hence the nickname of Blue Thunder – landed in the capital during the London Bridge terror attack in June 2017.


According the website Elite Uk FOrces, 658 Squadron's Dauphins are believed to have been modified with a secure radio communications fitment.

Some pictures also show the helicopters fitted with a sensor turret, and they can be fitted with a roping frame to allow for fast-roping from the cabin doorways.