MEN are the cause of the problem, not the lack of police or street lights.

We need a total change in the way victims and perpetrators are treated, so that victims will report crimes and will be treated with compassion so that they trust the legal process.

Men who commit violent crimes should be removed from the community where the victim lives.

The police and courts need a zero-tolerance approach to violence within the home and on the streets.


As a community we have to commit to this being a priority and show that this is not acceptable.

Underlying this issue, the structures of society and its institutions are crumbling due to underfunding and political ideology under the Conservatives.

People are faced with hardship and huge stress due to the cost of living crisis.

When society breaks down, and there is rising inequality, soaring wealth and profits, as is happening in the UK now, we always see a rise in violence against women, racism, hate crimes against disabled people and other marginalised groups.


More men facing poverty and unemployment or difficult working and living conditions, will take their frustration out in a violent way, often towards people less powerful then themselves.

Many parts of the UK have seen an increase in violence against women. Violence in all its forms tends to be concentrated in areas of social deprivation and places where there is extreme wealth inequality.

As a society we need to make sure people have improved access to health, social services, education, and housing, increase social security benefits and wages of the lower paid to make sure everyone has a good quality of life.



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