Plans have been put forward for five detached houses to link two parts of a Herefordshire hamlet.

They would occupy a half-hectare section of field on the main road through Glewstone in the south of the county, between two of its three clusters.

The five, designed by Hereford firm Oakwrights and consisting of three three-bedroom houses and two with four bedrooms, would be for market sale.

Each would have three car parking spaces and two cycle spaces, and would share a single new access onto the road.

Glewstone lies within the protected Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) but lacks a neighbourhood development plan. It is among the villages identified in the county’s local plan as among those “where proportionate housing is appropriate”.


The bid cites pre-application advice from Herefordshire Council which said the plan “does not represent major development in an AONB, and this would not constitute a reason to withhold permission”.

However a bid for permission in principle to build three homes on the other side of the same stretch of road was rejected in June due to the impact these would have on the AONB.

Comments on the current application, numbered 222394, can be made until August 30.